Quick Bites has developed software that optimizes the efficiency of quick service restaurant order ahead systems. Currently all order ahead systems run off one of two tracks. Track one, as soon as the customer orders, the shop makes the order. Or track two, they rely on the customer to guess when they will arrive. Both tracks lead to orders sitting on the counter, degrading in quality, or customers to arrive their order hasn’t been made yet. So why did they even order ahead?

Utilizing our software, when a customer orders on a restaurant’s app, we start calculating their travel time to the location. Then without any hardware or input from the shop, our patent pending system automatically generates the wait time in the drive thru at that moment. By combining travel time, with wait time in the drive thru, we can give a real-time countdown to the customer’s arrival to the drive-thru window. This works for customers who order while at their home or work and find they can’t get out the door quick enough, or if customer’s encounter traffic along the way. The baristas/servers are kept up-to-date with the real-time countdown that is continually updating.

Our Technology

Travel Time

Calculating your customer’s travel time to your location

Wait Time Generation

Automatically generate the wait time in drive thru (no hardware or input required).

Countdown to Arrival

Combined to give a real-time countdown to arrival at window.




Customers value 1 minute of wait time.



Gain of market share with only 7 second wait time reduction.



Time customers would rather travel than wait.

Allon, G .Federgruen, A, & Pierson, M. (2011). How Much Is a Reduction of Your Customers Wait Worth? An Empirical Study of the Fast-Food Drive-Thru Industry Based on Structural Estimation Methods. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 13(4), 489-507. doi:10.1287/msom.1110.0343

Check out our Proof of Concept ‘QUICK CUP’

To prove this technology worked we created a proof of concept marketplace called Quick Cup. This app is a conglomerate for independent coffee shops to join and start accepting order aheads from an app, using our technology. We have found customers who order on our system spend 15% more than the average drive-thru customer, and we have some shops doing over 20% of their total drive-thru revenue through our system.


Whether you’re a customer with a suggestion or small business owner with a new feature request we’d love to hear from you!

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